maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

New services for rural retailers available in Faroe Islands

About the RRR Project

Retail in Rural Regions (RRR) was a three year project (2009 to 2011) which aimed to benefit shops in rural areas. The overall purpose was to provide and sustain tailor made support to aid the survival, development and growth of rural retail shops. The project had a particular focus on the support needed to help stores become multi-functional and extend the range of services they offer.

The project involved nine Northern European Countries; Finland, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Northern Ireland, Greenland, Sweden and Norway. It is primarily funded by the Northern Periphery Programme and European Regional Development Fund. National match funding has come from different sources – Consumer Focus Scotland provided the match funding to enable CRN to become the Scottish partner in the project.

Services available in Faroe Islands:

  • Consultation
  • Networking
  • Retail Training
Please do not hesitate to contact Dennis Holm or Olga Biskopsto for further information!

Let’s work together to keep the cash flowing in rural shops!

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